Growing Up Is Hard to Do
Day 2: A myth or story from folklore

Humans conspired to overthrow Ra and the other Gods. Even the priests and magicians plotted against the gods, using the powers given them against these gods. Ra heard of this, and called together the most powerful and ancient deities. It was decided that Sekhmet, the “force against which no other force avails” (Masters) should stomp out the rebellion. She would punish all those who had evil in their hearts and minds. So Sekhmet went out and slaughtered the humans, drinking their blood. Soon, the land was so bloody, and so many were dead, that Ra and the gods feared no humans would remain on the earth, so something had to be done to stop Sekhmet, who was intoxicated on human blood and craved even more. Ra sent for a brew to be made from beer, blood, and certain plants – probably containing belladonna and opium – in order to calm and stop Sekhmet. 7000 huge jugs of the brew were prepared, and this bloody-looking liquid was poured over the ground in a place where Sekhmet was sure to go. When Sekhmet came to this place, she thought she saw blood, and drank it all up. Then it is said that “her heart was filled with joy” and her rage and slaughter was ended. After that, Ra praised Sekhmet in order to further soothe her, calling her “the One Who Comes in Peace,” and “beautiful, charming, graceful.”

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